Tuna Tartare Canapés

Because Tuna Tartar became too en vogue in the late 90s, some people have, understandably, tired of the dish.  I am not among them.  Sushi grade tuna should be simply dressed and enjoyed in elegant forms.  This variation makes very sophisticated but playful canapés for any dinner party.


¾ pound sushi grade tuna

Wasabi powder

Good soy sauce (once you taste good soy sauce, you’ll never use Kikkoman again)



Poblano Pepper

Large grain Sea Salt


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tostitos Scoops


Having a very sharp knife is important for the preparation of the tuna.  There is a thin piece of conjunctive tissue between the main tuna loin and the tenderloin.  You will need to cut around that, but it should not waste too much of the tuna.  Dice the tuna into cubes about the size of playing dice and place into a medium mixing bowl.  Dice the pepper into pieces with about as much surface area as confetti – the goal is to add a bit of crunch with just a touch of heat.  Add two teaspoons of the pepper to the tuna.  Thinly slice the scallions and add two tablespoons to the tuna.  The avocado should be cubed but smaller than the tuna, add two tablespoons and use the rest to make some guacamole (recipe coming tomorrow – or sometime soon.)  Add one teaspoon of fresh pepper and a quick drizzle of Olive Oil.

In a separate bowl blend three tablespoons of soy sauce with one teaspoon of wasabi powder (these measurements are very subjective – some like it hot – but be careful not to obscure the tuna.)  Pour about half of this mixture over the tuna and other ingredients and stir until all ingredients are well blended and evenly coated.  Taste and make adjustments.  Be sure to use the tortilla scoops to taste this mixture as they have a fair bit of salt and that needs to be a factor before you add any of the sea salt.  Adjust with more of the soy sauce mixture and sea salt and then spoon into the tortilla scoops to serve.

This will make 25-30 individual cups.  Unless you anticipate that they will all be consumed in short order, do the final prep in stages so that the tortillas stay crispy.


This recipe can be easily adapted into an appetizer about which I will write in the near future.


4 Responses to “Tuna Tartare Canapés”

  1. sounds fabulous. really. to drink?

  2. Instead of me making this, just let me know the next time you do and I’ll just stop by for a taste. I loves me some tuna.

    By the way, photographs are in order, young man.

  3. sushi rice recipe…

    […]Tuna Tartare Canapés « Recipes from the Restaurant Refugee[…]…

  4. Amazing! Its actually amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this paragraph.

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