The Rules

All measurements are as accurate as I can recall

Measurements are guidelines – every stove is different, every onion different, every cheese different.  Use these recipes with that in mind.

You can always add more of any ingredient, but removing it is damn near impossible.  Add things carefully, taste frequently, adjust accordingly.

When I reference salt, I am referring to coarse grain kosher salt.  Colored salts, sea salts, and any other variety will be referenced specifically.

Similar to salt, when I reference pepper, I only refer to freshly cracked black pepper corns.

If you actually like food, you will toss any of that commercially processed iodized salt and pre-ground black pepper in the trash right now.

Some of the dishes I reference are more complicated than those I would make if I wasn’t getting paid to make them.

When I am working I generally prepare four to eight courses.  Portion control is important to me and I try to adjust recipes accordingly for a three course meal.

There is a greater likelihood that I would strip naked, slather myself in honey, and walk through a mosquito farm, than I will post a vegan recipe in this place.

There is a line of thought that espouses that bacon has become so ubiquitous to border on trite.  I am inclined to agree with caveats, but I will never argue about the judicious use of bacon tending to make awesome awesomer.

Whenever possible I will try to include recommended wine pairings.  I am also happy to be an electronic sommelier and assist you with these recipes or any other about which you might have a question – just send me an email.

The rules are subject to amendment when ever I please.


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